Day 2 @ Codemaster Institute

I did something this morning that will add on to the “list of things” that I do that prompts my husband to utter “No Street Smartness”. 🙂

I got off at a different bus stop (well I thought I’d do some exercise 🙂 ) and got lost, well that will prompt my husband to say “No Sense of Direction”. 🙂 This is what actually happened; I got off the bus, walked into the nearest coffee shop – I need my caffeine boost! 🙂 …AND..walked right past SpaceCubed at 45 St Georges St and must have taken about 300 steps when I realised…madness…am heading in the wrong direction! So I did an 180 degrees, anticlockwise turn,  walked back 200 steps…turned back to look and saw Mandy (another student at Codemaster)…You bet, I was so glad to see her.

Today, the first lesson of the day was on MVP. The class exercise was to use an MVP strategy and use to create a product and define a High and Low level fidelity. I used the “Landing Page Strategy” from this website The Ultimate Guide to Minimum Viable Products – Scale My Business. I used it to develop a basic Website structure for my husband’s business. 

Low level fidelity points are;

  • Use a pop-up or comment that’ll say “Make Your Old Driveway New with Concrete Resurfacing”
  • Contact details; mobile number and email address.

High level fidelity points are;

  • Add a video link to demonstrate process from start to finish.
  • Show a photo gallery of different services/products used.

My complete MVP process would then follow the steps outlined in the website shown above.

The second lesson of the day; we watched a video on SitePoint which demonstrated how to build a web site with HTML and CSS. My challenge with this  was to understand and relate to the hierarchy of class and modules and to understand the concept of features and modifiers. 🙂

Then we had a lesson on “how to create a web application from ideas”. An exercise was then done in groups to come up with ideas on how to create a web application. My group did a brainstorming session on how to keep track of books being read. We used our brainstorming notes to do further research on the web to compare current available web sites.

We found out that other sites likeGood Read,  iBook and Amazon didn’t have the functionality of book tracking nor a social aspect. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Brainstorming has the following pros and cons;

Good points:

  •  bouncing of ideas
  • different perspective when done in groups
  • vocalize thoughts
  • time boxing

Bad points:

  • over thinking,
  • over complication,
  • dominant personality
  • not participate
  • driving in one direction 

My main challenge for brainstorming ideas today was attempting to relate to marketing and selling of ideas.






Day 2 @ Codemaster Institute

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